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My first offically released BRSTM!

Yup. I just finished my first complete BRSTM. Crying Wolf’s Theme from Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots. This isn’t that big of an announcement, but I think I got this one to loop as close as it can possibly be to perfect. It’s about a minute long and works best on Shadow Moses, unless you’ve got another stage with a blizzard on it. “Snake! Found you. Let me hear you cry. Let your tears flow until your eyes run red!” METAL GEEEEEEEAAAAARRRRR!!!!

Hopefully, this will be my first of many BRSTMs. I just got into using them since luckilly for me, there are nearly full soundtracks from the Metroid Prime series, F-Zero GX, F-Zero X Guitar Arrange Edition/or Expansion Pack, Star Fox Assault, etc. But some games that have great soundtracks, and they are not available anywhere from where I can see (such as MGS4 and Resident Evil 5), so I will try to make more music soon. I might eventually loop some of my own music, like my Metroid cover songs on my Metroid Metal tribute album, ‘Mochtroid Metal’.  lol It actually feels like I can do something semi-useful in the Brawl hacking world now. 😀

Download here


It’s true we haven’t had an update in a while, since mostly everyone is busy and PAVGN is on several other teams now, including most notably Elite Smash Hackers. I plan to try and make some new hacks over the summer. I have recently figured out how to make simple BRSTMs with BRSTM Maker (I know I can use Brawlbox, but mine won’t open the wav file whenever I try.) I plan to eventually release some songs fitting for certain stages that I actually use which would basically be from The Legend of Zelda, F-Zero, Star Fox, Various Mario games, Resident Evil (Probably Shadow Moses or Battlefield), Metal Gear, and obviously METROID. I might actually convert some of my own songs to BRSTMs too. Anyway, I figured I’d share that. I’m going on vacation for about 3 weeks, so I’ll have some time to work on a few things during that time. I’m actually leaving tomorr– today. (It just passed 12 AM here.) Well, I’d better get some sleep since I have to be up in about 4 or 5 hours. O_o I am still working on a couple of textures, I just haven’t had a lot of free time to finish them yet, but I will try to soon. BTW I saw the A-Team movie today. It was a lot better than I expected. They referenced the show, but still kept it new, if that makes any sense, so I would definitely recommend it. Okay, I’m going to sleep.

See You Next Mission

Who’s Bad?

I think this is the first music update on this site. I’ve made BRSTMs of all of Michael Jackson’s songs Continue reading

The two F-Zero Champions are reunited… for an actual fight this time.

So remember my last post where I said that I was back to work on Deathborn?…

Well… Continue reading

The F-Zero Underworld Champion is back in progress!

Yes. Deathborn is back in progress. (It’s only taken literally almost a year!) I don’t have any current pictures, but I am actually going to finish it in BrawlBox. (This will be my first texture ever completed using BrawlBox.) I might later try and make a small vertex hack (mainly on his head, making the ears and nose smaller or something or if someone wants to help me do it once the texture is done, that’d be awesome because I suck at editing anything other than textures. After finishing Deathborn, I will likely continue working on my newest stage texture: Mute City (F-Zero X/Melee) for Port Town. I was almost done with it a while back, but I had one of those times where it won’t extract correctly which is annoying mainly because of Port Town having SO MANY textures. I will go back and finish it up after Deathborn though. Just thought I’d say that I’m actually doing something. I did post a few of my more recent textures on BrawlVault. Kanden seems to be getting quite a few downloads for some reason, which is pretty awesome for me, I guess. If you want your textures to be noticed, I would highly recommend putting them on BrawlVault. Otherwise, I haven’t really decided what to make after Mute City and Deathborn, although, I do have plans for a couple of Metroid characters on Lucario… 😀

Don’t worry, Mama will fix it!

YeeeeeeeeeeeeeesZ! Finally I’ve finished the final version of Cooking Mama! And this time it has vertex hacks!

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